Day 2 in pics & video

We got some outside time today (believe it or not).  The fresh air was great and it knocked the groggiesness out of our little guy.  Ella Sophia ran around in circles and had fun too.


joey coop mini road trip

Here is our little guy shortly after the outside adventure and right after the nurses took that not-so-fun tube out of his nose. Ahh, the sweet smell of TPN (all that I’ll get to drink until boobie milk time on Monday)

joey coop in bed

2 thoughts on “Day 2 in pics & video

  1. How fantastic that he is doing well enough to be able to get outside for a little while! He looks great and we can’t wait for you all to get back home. Bella saw the video and said “that’s MY baby Joey”.

  2. Oh Brenda! Seeing your little guy in the hospital brings tears to my eyes. But I am so glad that he is doing well and recovering. You all have such strength and are doing a great job!!! We are thinking of you and sending healing thoughts to Joey Coop. He looks great and I love all that adorable wispy hair! xoxo Leslie.

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