Botox #2…January 2012

So I won’t bore you w/ the details re: new surgeon at NYU (who is moving to HUMC) and old surgeon who still has privileges at HUMC but is now in private practice (he was the Chief Ped Surgeon at HUMC) and no longer takes insurance….that is a LONG story.

We wound up back at HUMC w/ old surgeon doing our second round of Botox. He did joey’s first round back in 2/2011. Everything went very well.

He had only a small-moderate amount of poop in him for the clean out, which was very surprising to me because his stools were small all week, hard to get him to do any pushing and we hadn’t irrigated in a week because they were just way way way too hard w/ JC fighting us for the ENTIRE process.

There was no dilation seen in the rectal canal- which means he has been doing a pretty good job of emptying- I think.

No fissures (he had a big one last time).

No signs (visually) of enterocolitis. Stool sample taken and I should have those results in a few days.

Botox went in (50 units) and he woke from anesthesia much quicker than last time, but not as alert. Cuddled in my arms for one hour w/out talking and didn’t even ask for food or drink. He did wake up w/ a nasty cough which I think was irritation from breathing tube. Even when we finally left he was still very quite and tired. Then like turning on a light switch as soon as we got in the car he started talking and asking if we could go get his new ‘Geo Trax train’ which we promised him after the procedure!

Started pooping the next day. Still on command…so I sit him on the potty and prompt him over and over to poop. He did great. SAme schedule on Sunday and Monday. So three days in and we have had really good poops. His appetite is still not that great, but I think he might be fighting a cold….that cough is lingering.

So happy to be done w/ another surgical procedure. EVEN more happy for poop AND for a couple great days of successful underwear wearing- no accidents!!!!!!!!!!

The best part was our surgeon telling us he really doesn’t think that JC will need any more surgeries OR anymore surgical procedures. He feels like this should be it. So I am going to RUN w/ that and repeat that statement in my head each and every day…no more surgery, no more surgery, no more procedures, no more!

thanks for reading!

One thought on “Botox #2…January 2012

  1. Brenda,

    Sounds like you have had a crazy month also. I tell yah this stuff is so hard. We have been told enterocolitis again for Michael, so back on flagyl. We are also on Omnicef. So don’t know what to make of any of it. Trying a probiotic called VSL#3 – not covered by insurance, but maybe worthwhile? My daughter got 8 vials of blood to look at vits and mins…let you know what happens, I am really curious!

    Good luck and keep me posted. 🙂

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