follow up at CHOP for endo results

Went down to CHOP yesterday.  Long story short they said I shouldn’t be to worried about the nodule.  It is very very small and does not look suspicious.  They took some blood to test his thyroid function.  Dr. is also contacting a colleague down at Johns Hopkins who specializes in MEN 2a and will touch base w/ her regarding Joey’s specific RET mutation.  We will go back in a year to do another u/s and blood to make sure nothing is changing/growing.  With two doctors telling us to wait and watch that is what we will do now.

We are focusing now on where Joey is.  FULLY trained.  Pooping like a SUPER STAR.  In school five mornings a week.  Sleeping, restfully through the night.  Growing, singing, laughing, pooping, talking, pooping, running, pooping, throwing fits, pooping…..doing great.  (This is all 9 months post Botox #2, NINE months irrigation free, NINE MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

2 thoughts on “follow up at CHOP for endo results

  1. Brenda-
    Glad to hear that CHOP wanted to wait and see and aren’t overly concerned. Been thinking about you guys and worrying about the little guy. I am so happy that you guys are doing awesome post botox, there is a light at the end of the long, long tunnel. Wishing you all continued success.

  2. GREAT news!!! So reassuring that everyone seems to be in agreement that as of right now there’s nothing to worry about and conservative screenings seem to be the way to go about it at this point. Such relief!

    Awesome pooping Joey! We’re 4 1/2 months post Botox and still going strong too! Yippee for every non-irrigation day 😉

    ~Katie (Andrew, 4, SSHD)

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